The All New And Enhanced WordPress 4.2: A Deeper Look

Those thinking and feeling blessed that the last version of WordPress was probably the best it could get in terms of performance, assistance and overall design, must have a look at the new WordPress 4.2. The industry is all it can get and software is everything that it needs and, therefore, it is unwise to predict the existence of any version of any software to remain non-upgraded for too long. With so much to improve and so many things to include to facilitate everyday blogging experience of so many people, it takes a while to select and make improvements to an already fine tuned WordPress. Let us have a look at the new WordPress 4.2 features and take a deeper dive.




The last improvements in WordPress features were brought about with the release of WordPress 4.2 Beta 4, which added a host of administration privileges and facilitated more flexible and easier management. Previously a lot of people complained about the non-dismissible admin notices on their WordPress pages. Although it seems quite ethical, but not everyone wants to have them displayed always on the blog as this is solely for moderation purpose and thus does no good if kept lingering on the blog page more than a certain time. Therefore, the core group took care of this feature and as a part of the accessibility feature provided to the admin, it has made the admin notices dismissable. There has been improvement sin the Options general tab where adding of missing labels and aria attributes has been included in the 4.2 upgrade. These also serve under the category of Administration improvements.


The next support is perhaps, the best. This improvement brings the era of emoticons or emoji into WordPress. Have you ever wondered how confusing the text might appear when the reader does not know the emotion of the text and might inappropriately infer a wrong meaning to what you had intended. In the new version of WordPress 4.2, the core group has included twemoji.js support that allows passing addition attributes as arguments for the replacement of images. Now you can comment on posts and create posts similar to other instant messaging services like WhatsApp, Hangouts and include emoji to express yourself much more clearly. Previously, there was emoticon support, but there was a bug in the HTML code that caused a zero at the end of a string to get trimmed off and thus caused the message to be encoded incorrectly. This is fixed in the latest version’s update. When trying to match between original emoji and twemoji use the ALT key to keeping them similar to the <img> tags used in both. This is especially required while staticizing emoji into <img> tags.


Press This

Improvements in the Press this area are also an addition to the latest version. You might have seen that the HTML was passed into the title, H2 while publishing, which has been fixed in this upgrade. Now it prevents passing any HTML into the H2 field and inserts the clipboard content instead.



The next improvement in regards the accessibility features associated with the themes. Many keyboard events have been fixed in the latest version along with callbacks from the search fields. They have increased the trigger timeout a bit more than earlier and improved upon the Esc key handling events. The last thing is to discuss the customizations that it allows to the users. Customization is the demand of every individual because they want to identify themselves. There has been a lot of improvements in this category under the Themes. The Theme Switcher has been upgraded and has been made more flexible than ever. Navigation streamlining adds a little help to you. You can remove “Add New” references now.


You can switch between details and live preview buttons. You can now use the global panel back button without having to do it individually for all categories. This helps a lot while making changes to many things at a time. There are a furthermore improvements too. They have fixed the invalid HTML markup which got added whenever a New Theme control was added. When there are narrower screens on the devices it automatically closes the available widget’s overlay. They will again reappear when you switch back to a larger screen. This not only give you better visibility on smaller screen but facilitates you work efficiently and faster. It has increased the size of the text field and disabled auto text size adjustment to avoid auto zooming while writing in the search field.

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