8 Cool New Bootstrap Admin Themes And Trends

The Bootstrap framework is becoming popular for use in the web design area and open source projects can be worked upon creatively. Here are new Bootstrap admin themes which offer new trends and user interface for upcoming projects.

1. A Bootstrap Admin Theme With Angualrjs – Xenon


This is a lightweight and responsive admin theme that is built on the latest version of Twitter Bootstrap which offers a host of new UI components, theme skins and layout variations. There are over 130 HTML files. Built with the LESS preprocessor, it provides the developer an option of creating one’s personal version of Xenon.

2. A Boostrap Admin Theme – Neon


This is an admin theme that is flat in nature and has multipurpose functions. Here are more than hundred HTML files included in it which offer variety of layouts and different resources including pages and plugins.

3. A Bootstrap Admin Template With A Front-End Feature – Atlant


This is an admin template that is powerful and based upon the Bootstrap 3.3.2 version. It is a responsive template that is retina ready and hence, it is ideal for developing applications for mobile devices on the Apple and the android platforms. There are several elements that are customizable, easy to use and ready to use as well.

4. Bootstrap Admin Web App With Angularjs – Angulr


This application uses bower and grunt along with the bootstrap. It offers routing and nested views as well as can handle large projects.


  • Magical AngularJS
  • The power of AngularUI
  • Popular features of Bootstrap 3
  • Nested routing features
  • Nested scenes
  • Minimal CSS
  • Grunt activities
  • Bower dependencies
  • International translations
  • User settings
  • Contacts application
  • Note application
  • Loading features
  • jQuery plugin features
  • Functional jQuery plugins
  • Different layout options
  • Segregated HML partitions

5. A Bootstrap Admin Template That Proves Responsive – Proui


This is a Front-end and Admin template that is full of features and responsive. It is based on the Bootstrap 3.3.2 framework. The default style that exists of Bootstrap is overwritten in order to match the clean and modern design which is made to look simple and not complicated. The components of the user interface templates are such that one can replicate and work with the framework easily.

6. A Front-end And Bootstrap Admin Template That Is Responsive – Coco


This admin template is designed such that the bootstrap can be used with most devices. It can be adapted to work with android or Apple devices as well as PCs.

7. A Bootstrap Admin Template – Sangoma


This is a bootstrap template that is modern and flat for the backend as well as for administration and user interface. It can be used for mobile and desktop users. The latest bootstrap is run by LESS and hence, it can help one save hours in project development. There are about eight different colons in which a template is available and has different user interface elements as well as widgets.

8. A Boostrap Admin Theme – Wintermin


This is a bootstrap theme that is designed for use with admin templates. Wintermin is built on Twitter Bootstrap 3s latest version and has customizable features and options. All the necessary components are included in the theme which can be used for different web app projects.

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