10 Professional One Page Themes For Starters

Why are there so many fans of one page themes? Remember about the main concept of the smart website building – eliminate what you don’t really need. This is the main idea of single page themes. They are trendy, super-intuitive, fast loading and have a lot of SEO benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of the single page themes.

Easy navigation and happy user experience

Show your users high quality navigation through the site with innovative and creative design. One page theme definitely provides smooth surfing on the site and a lot of one-click features. Serve your visitors good content and trendy quality technologies.

Proper Google ranking

One page theme directs Google’s attention to the index page, you don’t have to distribute all SEO possibilities to different pages because all anchor links go to somewhere on the Home page. All the link juice is mostly located at one place. Keep in mind the following concepts if you want your one page website to provide a good traffic: 1. Each section of the home page should be linked to an optimized subpage on the appropriate topic. 2. The content of the subpages must be totally unique.

Fast loading

The speed of your website impacts both your customer’s mood and Google ranking. Fast websites always get better and higher page views, bounce rates, conversions, etc. Fast loading is especially important for starters.

Here are some stunning and professional examples of one page themes below.

Fashion Responsive Landing Page Template


Details |  Demo

Hosting Responsive Landing Page Template


Details |  Demo

Real Estate Agency Responsive Landing Page Template


Details |  Demo

Marketing Agency Muse Template


Details |  Demo

Interior Design Muse Template


Details |  Demo

European Restaurant Muse Template


Details |  Demo

Agriculture Muse Template


Details |  Demo

Communications Responsive Landing Page Template


Details |  Demo

Responsive Landing Page Template


Details |  Demo

Hotels Muse Template


Details |  Demo

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